Friends of Callan Park

History Week’s on again – Sept 12, 2009

By popular demand the much loved history week is on again this year with a Callan Park and Broughton Hall tour followed by a forum and afternoon tea. Bookings are essential. Full details below.

TOUR – Callan Park and Broughton Hall… violence and scandals
Echoing amid tranquil sounds of bird life on the slopes of Callan Park or Broughton Hall’s horticultural riches, are stories of violence and conflict in hospital wards and a timeless crime – the scandalous neglect of public resources. Learn about the contentious history of this great and complex site.
11am – 12.30pm at the Cane Room, Callan Park. Bookings 0413 733 218 . Cost $10.00

FORUM – Callan Park … conflict; public space & Museum Madness
Scandals and violence at Callan Park have generated government enquiries and wide publicity. Speakers explore Callan Park as a site of violence and conflict; how its public space is lived and constructed; and in Museum Madness, hear volunteers discuss their work creating Kenmore Hospital Museum – and that potential here.

* Zoe BakerCallan Park, a shared space in a developed world

Zoe spent much of 2008 researching ways in which public space and place is lived, understood and constructed – particularly at Callan Park.

* Jen Hawksley “No Way Out”: Callan Park as a site of violence & conflict

Jen discusses her PhD research into Callan Park’s closed patient files examining how violence manifested itself within the asylum and the response of authorities.

* Leoné Morgan Museum Madness

Hearhow a dedicated (commited?) group of staff formed and developed the Kenmore Hospital Museum and what has been achieved by the Friends of ‘Kenmore Hospital’s History Inc’ in 9 years. Leoné trained at Kenmore Hospital and is Museum Secretary.

2pm – 4.30pm Cane Room (at the end of Wharf Road), Callan Park. Bookings 0413 733 218. Cost $10.00