The Glebe Society’s community representatives have recently been engaging with Housing Action Plan Now, Glebe. It is a community group concerned with support for our public housing neighbours.

In February this year after the Society had assisted making an application for consideration, HAPN was selected by GRILL’D at Broadway as one of the three community groups of the month. As a responsible community member GRILL’D encourages the community to indicate their support of their chosen charity when they purchase goods at GRILL’D. All monthly groups receive a cheque from GRILL’D, commensurate with the degree of community support shown. Glebe HAPN received a cheque for $100. Its use is to be decided this month so there may be further potential for Glebe Society community involvement in supporting further HAPN initiatives on behalf of the Glebe community.

Front row: Gaylene Harking and Barbara Marshall, Glebe HAPN members. Back row: GRILL’D manager holding a cheque to be presented to Glebe HAPN. On her left is Darcy, manager of Glebe Assistance & Partnership Program (GAPP) at St John’s Church. (image: Janice Challinor)