Since the inception of this project, to provide kits of basic kitchen equipment for families moving out of supported accommodation, the Glebe Society has delivered six packs to Elsie Refuge. The project is being managed by Diane Hutchinson, Glebe Society vice-president and Community Development subcommittee member who has devoted many hours to collecting items, preparing packs and delivering them to the refuge. Her efforts are indeed ‘caring for our community’ and in keeping with our motto, ‘encouraging a sense of community’ in action. Diane is to be commended for her dedication to this activity.

Collections are undertaken every first and third Wednesday of the month at the function room of St Helen’s Community Centre, Glebe from 3 to 5.30pm. There have been several collection days to date at which members have donated many necessary items. Items should be in good condition, and should you be unable to bring them to the Collection point just email or with a contact phone number so arrangements can be made to pick them up from your home at a time to suit.

To see the full list of items needed please see the Glebe Society website or the previous Bulletin. At the moment the particular items in short supply are kitchen glasses, good quality saucepans and frying pans. However, extra items, not specifically included in each basic pack such as a whisk, a rolling pin, potato masher, children’s starter bowl or other specific kitchen accessories may be contributed as well. They will be included in the Options box at Elsie and available to mothers who particularly need them.

Thank you for your support to date, and if you are able to, please assist us in building our community contributions through this initiative.