Advice from the Society’s President, Allan Hogan, that a Glebe Voices event with Allan interviewing Lisa Pryor promised a lively discussion and that members should book early was wisely given.

The event on Friday 23 March did book out early. There was also quite a bit of lively discussion. Lisa writes for the New York Times on ‘urbanism, politics, culture and medicine’. As well as other life experiences, she can draw opinions from her experiences over different careers and areas of study. She’s a medical doctor in Sydney and a former journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald, as well as an author of A Small Book about Drugs and The Pin-Striped Prison, the latter of which was inspired by her experience of studying for her law degree at the University of Sydney.

There were plenty of ideas canvassed over the evening. What do we want for Glebe? What’s happened to the diverse and dynamic inner city neighbourhoods of the past? How does our increasingly prosperous neighbourhood connect with the diversity of other neighbourhoods in other parts of Sydney? And then we touched on politics …

Lisa Pryor, guest speaker at Glebe Voices on 23 March, with President, Allan Hogan (image: V. Simpson-Young)