The Glebe Society Management Committee has called two meetings to discuss the future of Harold Park.

1. Tuesday, 8 April, at 6:30 pm at Benledi: This will be a meeting of Society members held to decide the Society’s position. As you will recall, the City Council has held several meetings, culminating in presentations on a concept for Harold Park developed by the Government Architect. This plan has not been greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm.

The Harold Park Working Party, chaired by Neil Macindoe, has identified a number of principles (see below) for the future development of Harold Park. It is proposed that these should form the basis of discussion and a resolution agreed by Society members.

2. Wednesday, 21 April, at 6:30 pm at St Scholastica’s. This will be a public meeting open to everyone. The resolution from the Glebe Society’s members’ meeting will be put to this meeting.

The way ahead

Planning for the future of Harold Park is at an early stage, and for this reason we can hope to influence the final outcome. The steps leading to the submission of a development application are:

  • A draft rezoning plan is due to go to Council in June.
  • The final plan is expected to be exhibited about September 2010, allowing a final round of comments.
  • Once the plan is approved and the broad planning controls are in place, the Club can sell the site and a developer can submit a detailed development application (DA). We will need to remain engaged during this entire process.

The Glebe Society believes the consultation process to date has been inadequate, mainly because a lot of essential information arrived too late or was not provided. There is time before June for the Glebe community to get together and have a better discussion of the issues, and hopefully produce a better result, and the Society is providing a forum to make this possible.

Draft Principles

  1. No building should be higher than the cliff face.
  2. Public Open Space should be at least one third of the site.
  3. The density should be lowered in accordance with 1 & 2.
  4. Access should not be across parkland.
  5. Layout should encourage easy access for pedestrians and cycles.
  6. Access to surrounding areas should be improved.
  7. Open Space should be secure and sunny and connect with existing Open Space.
  8. All development should be sustainable and energy efficient and protect privacy and amenity.
  9. There should be no dwellings within the 100 year flood limit.
  10. Provision should be made for affordable housing, including student housing.
  11. The Tramsheds, including the forecourt, should be restored to include community use, garden and bird habitat.
  12. Public transport should be upgraded and include integrated ticketing.
  13. The Harness Racing Club should not profit from the sale of the Tramsheds.
  14. A design competition should be held at the DA stage to ensure the most creative result.