The City of Sydney has developed a concept design to extend the Glebe foreshore walk to complete a missing link in the path around the Glebe Peninsula.

The City of Sydney’s website lists these key features:

  • New sea walls to stabilise the harbour’s edge
  • Three metre wide shared path for pedestrians and bike riders
  • Tiered terraces and wide steps to provide access to the water’s edge
  • Over 50 new native trees including eucalypts and black wattle
  • Hundreds of shrubs and native grasses
  • Niches, rocky embankments, new saltmarsh and mangroves for local marine habitat
  • Energy efficient lighting to improve safety for pedestrians after dark
  • New bike racks, extra seating, new rubbish bins and new signage
  • New storage facilities for the outrigger canoes


In order to construct the new sea wall and pathway, whilst ensuring that any contaminated soil is safely capped, many of the existing trees will be replaced with new plantings. Where possible, trees on the perimeter of the construction works will be retained, and a large fig tree has been identified for relocation.