We attended the launch of the City’s Urban Ecology Strategic Action Plan at the Royal Botanic Gardens on 24 August and support the approach and recommendations in the Plan. The Glebe Foreshore Walk East to Orphan School Creek is identified as one of the six priority biodiversity sites in the local government area, and the Plan also recognises the need for habitat connectivity and linkages, whether through backyards, public parks or streets and transport corridors.

Five members of the subcommittee accepted the invitation of the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, to attend an enjoyable Thank You Reception for City of Sydney volunteers held at Sydney Town Hall on the evening of Tuesday 27 August.

Following an invitation to all members of the Society and adjacent residents (by letterboxing), a successful planting day, in conjunction with the City of Sydney, was held from 9am at Paddy Gray Reserve, Hereford St on Wednesday 11 September. The subcommittee funded the work of a consultant, Robbie Renu from Cornucopia Nursery, run by the community organisation Mars Inc (native nursery and land care specialists), who with the City selected 200 native shrubs and advised on their planting sites in the Reserve; the City paid for the seedlings. Eighteen people, including staff from Cornucopia, attended. The subcommittee has purchased a hose and established a roster of members to continue regular watering of the seedlings until next month by which time they should be able to survive the approaching hot, dry weather. Rain will be very welcome!

The Society and the subcommittee have written to the City of Sydney supporting an application from the Parents and Citizens Association of Forest Lodge Public School for a Matching Grant from the City which would provide funds to plant native flora in the school grounds. The aims are to provide habitat for small birds, including blue wrens, and also for the newly established plantings to form part of a ‘blue wren corridor’ linking our suburb with similar habitats on the campus of the University of Sydney.

Future events include at 10am on Wednesday 9 October an on-site meeting with the City of Sydney, operators of Sydney Light Rail and local residents to make recommendations concerning the content of a Master Plan for future native species plantings in Palmerston Ave and Sarah Pennington Reserves and the contiguous Glebe light rail stop. And, together with Sophie Golding (Urban Ecology Coordinator, City of Sydney), a spring bird survey in Glebe, commencing at 7am on Sunday 3 November (further details in next month’s Bulletin). Following the survey we will gather at a local cafe for breakfast.