Glebe Society Bulletin December 2020 


‘Have you seen a Brush Turkey in Glebe or Forest Lodge?’, we asked on Facebook recently.  Yes, was the answer….

  • Brush Turkey on Ross St earlier this week! (David Hempton)
  • I saw one at the park going down to the light rail at Glebe once! (Andrea Hayward)
  • Yep! Saw one roaming near Hereford St. (Shital Bhudia)
  • We saw one running down Wigram Rd! (Polly McCourt)
  • Yes, I’ve also seen one on Cook St. (Chloe Ioana)
  • Forest Lodge public school has one (Melanie Cordwell)
  • I have seen one at the end of Leichhardt St, near the waterfront walkway. (Drew Spring)
  • Arthur (Paddy) Gray Reserve (Peter Bartzios)
  • Yes, in Lyndhurst St last weekend (Judy Vergison)
Australian Brush Turkey (Alectura lathami) (photo: David Cook)