By Edwina Doe in Glebe Society Bulletin 10 of 2020

Admittedly, you won’t see a double-decker running the 470 route anymore, but what’s not to like about these wonderful old buses? This is an AEC Regent III 2112 on Route 470 at Forest Lodge in 1972 (Photo: Sydney Bus Museum)

A year ago, when the Light Rail was opened, I was surprised that my 470 city-bound bus didn’t use the stop near the Haymarket Light Rail stop. I made enquiries – nor did the 431 and other routes, so I started to lobby for a change. COVID intervened, but on 31 August the Minister for Transport wrote to Jamie Parker – ‘no plans for a change’.

However, I discovered by chance that on 26 October the timetable was changed. Our buses stopped at Pitt St at Barlow Rd, very close to the Light Rail. At last, no need for taxis! This didn’t last long though. On 23 November the timetable changed again and I’m using taxis again. Perhaps passengers were not using the stop, but how would they know they could? There were no notices on the bus or other messages. Jamie Parker and Mark Stapleton are back on the case.