By Andrew Wood, Bulletin 4/2023, June 2023

John Street Reserve following completion of the recent native plantings and placement of rocks to provide habitat for lizards, skinks and other fauna (photo: Andrew Wood)

Updates from Glebe’s bushcare volunteer groups

The Orphan School Creek Bushcare Group held a planting day on Saturday 29 April; it was attended by seven volunteers and 40 native tube stock was planted. The next working bee will be at 9.30 am on Saturday 17 June.  In Federal Park, the site of last year’s National Tree Day plantings (sadly all of which have died) has been cultivated and remains fenced. It is not known whether the City’s contractor, Skyline Landscape Services, will proceed with replacement plantings.

Society member and St James Ave resident, Anne Sherriff, has contacted the Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore, about the poor state of native flora in the John Street Reserve and the need to the reserve’ maintenance. Councillor Ellsmore will be meeting on site with local residents at the end of this month. Bob Richards, another St James Ave, resident reported on 24 April, Just letting you know that the City’s contractors, Skyline Landscape Services, have commenced some work in the Reserve. I spoke to CoS this morning to get fencing around some replacement grass that was laid on Saturday. They said 300 new tube stock and stone etc. for a lizard/skink habitat will commence, hopefully, this week.

Anna Szanto reported at the end of April for the Glebe Palmerston and Surrounds Landcare Group: Three of us met this morning and had a satisfying working bee. We collected much litter from across the gardens and garbage that seems to come from one of the drainways when it rains heavily. It was a combo of glass, soft drink bottles, Styrofoam and many pieces of plastic. We also got some weeding done. Sydney Water seems to have completed their works near Palmerston Ave. Our next job is to contact the City for replacement plantings, which we hope will be provided soon. We will have another working bee at the end of May (date to be confirmed).

Following correspondence from Nick Sangster with the City, the 28 suckers of Casuarinas spp on the eastern side of Johnstons Canal were inspected by Active Tree Services, who will prepare a report for the City of Sydney recommending their removal. Also, for unexplained reasons, there has been removal of trees that were planted a few years ago on the southern side of Dalgal Way, near the road entrance to the Tramsheds.

Removal of trees and other native flora on the southern boundary of Dalgal Way near the road entrance to the Tramsheds (Photo: Andrew Wood)

Innovation and Ideas Grant awarded by the City to study the biodiversity of Glebe’s Hill

The contract between the University of Sydney and the Society was signed last month, enabling the transfer of grant funds from the Society to the University.

An ‘Application for temporary access and minor works to City of Sydney land’ was submitted to the City by the Society in January.  The Licensing Agreement will permit access to The Hill and four parks in the local government area so that the University of Sydney can undertake the project. The City requested additional information about the use of the wildlife monitoring devices to be installed by the University. This was provided on 10 April. Once we receive the licensing agreement from the City the project can commence.

The public information session on Sunday 7 May 2023 at the community meeting room in the Tramsheds was very successful with around one hundred people attending.