The Australian Financial Review reported (12 Aug 2014) that the NSW Government proposes to sell Bidura as the site is significantly under-utilised in its current state. The NSW Minister for Finance and Services, Dominic Perrottet is quoted as saying that he expects the property to generate significant interest from developers for a residential project.

There are several buildings on this site at 357 Glebe Point Rd. The Glebe Society is principally interested in the original house built in 1860 by Edmund Blacket who lived there with his family whilst designing the Great Hall at the University of Sydney. Bidura is a handsome villa in the Victorian Regency style, set back from Glebe Point Rd and fringed by gardens, a sweeping lawn and semi-circular driveway.

The building and its setting are regarded as having high architectural significance. Bidura is heritage-listed on the City of Sydney Local Environment Plan and is Classified by the National Trust.

Bidura’s serene appearance belies its relatively recent past. The Government acquired the building in 1920 and it operated from that time (until 1977) as a children’s shelter for state wards. The building was restored in 1980 and is currently used by the Department of Family and Community Services and the Department of Justice.

This house has high historic, architectural and social significance for the State.

Doubtless this story has a long way to run but I urge members to look again at the Blacket building and appreciate its stately elegance and setting. And I urge you to take a few moments to look at the Bidura page on this website, which has evolved as a blog for former child residents to tell of their experiences and contact others.