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Monthly Archives: July 2023

The Hill: HAZMAT clothing required

Posted on 31st July 2023

The Blue Wren Subcommittee is considering asking City of Sydney Council to allow the employment of an asbestos assessor to deal with contamination issues while installing wildlife monitoring devices.

This month’s mystery photo: August 2023

Posted on 30th July 2023

Try your hand at this month’s mystery photo. Where are we? And what on earth is going on?

Glebe Walks: Two recent visits

Posted on 31st July 2023

In June and July, members enjoyed tours of the University of Sydney’s heritage architecture and the Chau Chak Wing Museum led by an archaeologist.  Guided tours of Pyrmont’s industrial waterfront and the Villas of Glebe and Forest Lodge are planned for September and October. 

Who lived in your street? John George Bryen and St Helen’s

Posted on 30th July 2023

What did John George Bryen have in common with Toad of Toad Hall? They were both terrible drivers, and as Lyn Collingwood recalls, Bryen lived in a well-known house in Glebe but was not a fictional character.

Care finders available to help with aged care

Posted on 30th July 2023

Do you or anyone in your family need help understanding or accessing aged care? It’s available.

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