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Monthly Archives: May 2023

From the President – June 2023

Posted on 30th May 2023

In his monthly report, Ian Stephenson, President, urges the state government to refurbish and extend 82 Wentworth Park Rd rather than demolish the building.

View from the Hill by VSY May 2023

Event report: Unravelling Glebe Hill’s biodiversity secrets and potential

Posted on 29th May 2023

Learn about the Glebe Society’s collaboration with Prof. Dieter Hochuli’s Integrative Ecology group to study the biodiversity of one of Glebe’s forgotten places

The Glebe Community Op Shop

Posted on 30th May 2023

Jude Paul reveals the history of the St Phillips estate’s community op shop.

This month’s mystery photo: June 2023

Posted on 31st May 2023

Try your hand at this month’s mystery photo. And find the answer to last month’s.

A visit to Toxteth Park

Posted on 31st May 2023

In April, Max Solling led a guided walk around the Toxteth Estate culminating in an inspection of the 1831 Toxteth Park, courtesy of St Scholastica’s College.

The Temple of the Tooth

Posted on 31st May 2023

A story about chemists, dentists and gastronomes …. in Glebe Point Road

Community Development Report

Posted on 31st May 2023

Louis Taborda, our Community Development Convenor, has been working on five Glebe-based projects with postgraduate students from the University of Sydney.

Glebe’s Blue Plaque Nominations: ‘Mr One by One’ of Westmoreland St

Posted on 31st May 2023

In 1953 there was a spate of counterfeiting. Read how the discovery of a cache of 10 pound notes stuffed in the wall of a house in Westmoreland St Glebe, brought the culprit to justice.

Glebe Talks 13 June: Reflections in an old mirror

Posted on 30th May 2023

Long time Glebe resident, Allan Hogan, talks about his work as a journalist and producer including his work as a war correspondent and interviewing key players on the world stage.

News from the Blue Wrens, June 2023

Posted on 31st May 2023

Find out what the Glebe Society’s ecology arm, the Blue Wren Subcommittee, has been up to over the last month.

Friend in Hand Hotel

Renewal of outdoor dining at The Friend in Hand

Posted on 30th May 2023

The Society recently lodged a submission in relation to an application for renewal of outdoor dining at The Friend in Hand Hotel. The key issue was whether, given its close proximity to houses, footpath dining should cease at 8 pm rather than 10 pm.

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