Until the late 1950s, Glebe Point Road boasted a thriving tram line. A small remnant of the tracks can be seen on Glebe Point Rd near the intersection with Marlborough St. On this page, you will find links to more information about trams on the Glebe Society website.

Glebe tram terminus (outside what is now the Woolcock Institute)


The Past and Future Trams of Glebe
by Robert Gibbons (March 2016)

Steam trams ran from 1882 to Cook St, Glebe; with a small extension to Pendrill/Leichhardt Sts in 1896. Horse buses were more widespread, from Millers Point to Lyndhurst and to Forest Lodge. Electric trams ran from 1900. Read more >>

Rail Transport in Glebe

Not just trams – the Darling Harbour and Western Goods train lines plus Glebe’s bridges and tunnels.  Read more >>

Tram on the corner of Broadway and Derwent Street,, Glebe (late 1940s) (Image via Flickr)

The Historical Context of the ‘Memory of Trams’ in Glebe Mural
by Liz Booker-Simpson (April 2017)

The ‘Memory of Trams’ mural has been created on the side of one of a group of Italianate terraces with Federation influences (c1903) on the corner of Hereford Street fronting Glebe Point Road. The mural will be a constant reminder to us that in some ways mid-20th century Glebe was not so different from the village we know today. We still need good public transport, we still need our local shops and we still need a local post office. Modes of delivery may change, but our needs are pretty much the same. Read more >>

Detail of the ‘Memories of Trams’ mural – created by Kelly Wallwork (image: V. Simpson-Young)

The ‘Memories of Trams’ mural has its own web page here.


Oral History Recordings from the ‘Memories of Trams’ Mural Project
(March 2017)

About the time that the ‘Memory of Trams’ mural was being created, the Glebe Society’s Janice Challinor recorded interviews with long-time Glebe residents who personally experienced Glebe’s trams. Janice also interviewed Max Solling, Glebe historian, who explained the significance of the Tramsheds for employment and social development in the Glebe and Forest Lodge area as well as the history of trams in Glebe.

Listen to:

Tram on Glebe Point Road (1950s) (Image: Wikimedia Commons)


Quotations from the ‘Memories of Trams’ Mural Project
(March 2017)

As well as the recordings, Kay White and Steve Perry provided quotes for the ‘Memories of Trams’ mural.

Tram on Glebe Point Road outside the Woolcock Centre (then Sterling Pharmaceuticals and later the Max Factor Building) in about 1953
(Image by Steve Terrill via Flickr)