The Glebe Foreshore walk is busier than usual during the COVID-19 restrictions
The Glebe Foreshore walk is busier than usual during the COVID-19 restrictions (photo: Janet Wahlquist)

There has been an increase in the number of people walking, running and cycling since the COVID-19 restrictions which allow exercise as one of the reasons to leave home. Exercise has been acknowledged as important for our physical and mental health. On many of the popular walks this has created real issues not just because of the lack of adequate footpaths but also the impracticality of footpaths that are shared with bicycles. The foreshore walk around Blackwattle Bay has been a good example of this. The foreshore walk is extremely busy and sharing this path between pedestrians and cyclists has often been difficult. Members of the Society have witnessed accidents between bicycles, pedestrians and dogs as well as many near misses. The Glebe Society has written to Council requesting it consider creating separate bicycle paths around Blackwattle Bay and in all future planning not allow shared paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

It has also become evident that greater space needs to be made available for people to walk, run and exercise generally. Things such as children’s cycle/scooter pathways could be built so children have somewhere to learn and ride safely.

The increased use of our footpaths, walkways and parks for exercise maybe a positive taken from this COVID-19 crisis and the need for better facilities for people to enjoy the experience is clearly needed.

Janet Wahlquist
Convenor, Transport & Traffic