By Judy Christie, Blue Wren Subcommittee, Bulletin 10/2023, December

Rarely seen in Glebe / Forest Lodge, a pair of Australian King Parrots has recently been feasting on the bright blue fruits of the native Blue Flax Lily (Dianella caerulea) along the creek line of Orphan School Creek Reserve. 

King Parrots are common on the North Shore, and are perhaps a more attractive and welcome visitor than that other newcomer to the Inner West, the Brush Turkey. King Parrots are people-friendly and happily visit backyards and balconies and these beautiful birds are not too fussy about the food provided, eating fruit, seeds or blossoms. 

With the extensive native plantings in Orphan School Creek maturing and native trees in nearby parks flowering profusely, they may stay around to explore further.  

Photos: Nina Koutts