Light rail corridor to be made blue wren-friendly

An onsite meeting was held with Transdev, operators of Sydney Light Rail, at Palmerston Ave and Sarah Pennington Reserves on 30 September 2014. We discussed theworks to be undertaken by the City in the Reserves in 2014-15 as part of its Bush Restoration Management Plan. It was agreed to establisha local bush care group to liaise with the City on the work proposals and to assist with ongoing maintenance of plantings of native flora in the Reserves. Anna Szanto, a member of the Society, accepted appointment as the initial convenor of the proposed bush care group; the City and the Blue Wren Subcommittee will provide advice and assistance. Working with the Department of Transport, Transdev agreed that fencing would be installed beside the track so that voluntary bush carers could safely work on the southern side of the track from the Stop to the tunnel entrance. It wasalso agreed that a work plan would be established in consultation with local residents and the City of Sydney to progressively remove noxious weeds and trees from land adjacent to the Glebe Light Rail Stop and replace them with blue wren-friendly natives.

Restoring habitat in blue wren corridor – John Street Reserve

The City has assured us that early in the New Year work will commence on the full restoration of the John Street Reserve, which until a few years ago was a thriving corridor for blues wrens and other small birds. The Blue Wren Subcommittee and local residents are looking forward to working with the City as it plants the trees, shrubs and grasses that will restore the corridor making it a safe habitat and biodiversity garden for the much loved blue wrens and their companion small birds.