The Minister for Planning, Frank Sartor, has confirmed that the Government has established a taskforce to advise on the range of development scenarios for the ‘Bays Precinct’ (including Glebe Island, White Bay including the disused power station, Rozelle Bay and Blackwattle Bay).

The taskforce comprises the Coordinator General (chair), Department of Planning, SHFA, Sydney Ports Corporation, NSW Maritime, Ministry of Transport and NSW Treasury.

The terms of reference require the Taskforce to monitor and develop land-use scenarios for the precinct, ensure transport infrastructure responds to the future requirement of the area, and report to Government.

A community and stakeholder reference group is being established. Key landowners and community groups will be represented. The exact makeup of the representation on the reference group is being finalised, with the aim to meet shortly after the current sitting of Parliament.

Verity Firth, as Member for Balmain, has recommended that there be representatives from local community groups including the following:

  •     White Bay Precinct Committee,
  •     Glebe Island/White Bay Community Liaison Group,
  •     Blackwattle Cove Coalition (BCC),
  •     White Bay Joint Steering Committee,
  •     Defenders of Sydney Harbour,
  •     NSW Rowers, and
  •     Dragon Boats NSW.

It has been proposed that there be two representatives from BCC, one from Pyrmont/Ultimo and one from Glebe/Forest Lodge.

The role of the Community Reference Group (CRG) will be to provide advice about community needs, advise on current and emerging issues of interest and concern to the community, inform of potential issues with any tabled proposals, encourage and informed community discussion by conveying information to the wider community, and provide input to matters being considered.

The planning and consultation process will begin in the coming weeks.

– Bob Armstrong for the Bays and Foreshore sub-committee

First posted on 18 November, 2007