Glebe Society Objects to SYM Over-Development Proposal.

The Glebe Society has lodged its objection to the proposed modification to the Superyacht Marina in Rozelle Bay.  The modifications constitute a major increase in the scale of both water-based and on-land development, as well as much more intensive activities.  If approved, the previously identified negative impacts- especially the unacceptable noise levels and implications for the future of the Glebe Island Bridge –    will be very significantly exacerbated. We have therefore objected to major aspects of the proposal on the basis of their significant negative environmental impacts.

The SYM owners have also sought the consolidation of the two current development approvals into a single approval. As this would involve the transformation of a part 4 approval (the water-based  component) with a Part 3  land –based component (Part 3  of the EPA Act is now repealed but has  a continuing provision for compliant modifications).  This appears to us to be an attempt to sidestep the stringent requirement  for approval of the proposed water based modifications  under the existing Part 4 approval by bringing it within the less stringent and more flexible requirements of the now repealed Part 3 approval process. There is a strong possibility that this proposal has fatal legal flaws. Regardless, we argue it would not be appropriate for the department of Planning (or the Minister) to approve this consolidation.  Read the full submission. Lesley Lynch Convenor Bays and Foreshores.

You can read the full document by clicking here.