by Brian Fuller, Heritage Subcommittee Convenor, 1 August 2020

In September last year the Heritage Subcommittee undertook an audit of Glebe Point Rd retail shops in order to track the retail impact on the many heritage buildings in the stretch between Broadway and Bridge Rd. At that time there were 19 vacancies.

The Society prepared a submission to the City of Sydney recommending a variation to the Planning regulations to stimulate retail and commercial activity for the benefit of the community hub that is Glebe Point Rd. The City is still considering it.

As at 1 July 2020 the number of vacant shops had increased to 24. There are another 10 that have either closed temporarily due to COVID-19, or are offering home delivery only, but the shop is still closed. Hopefully they all will recover and reopen after the pandemic.

Glebe Point Rd shops for lease (photo: V. Simpson-Young)