Janet Wahlquist, Glebe Society President, Bulletin 4/2021  June 2021

The Glebe Society is launching our new website promoting the restoration of Glebe Island Bridge and highlighting its past and potential.

The Glebe Society’s new website for the Glebe Island Bridge campaign (image: Tarny Burton)

The Society continues to campaign for the restoration of the historic Glebe Island Bridge. We want to see it put into use as a green pedestrian and cycling thoroughfare, to be part of an extensive pedestrian and cycling network. We see the restoration of the bridge as a possibility not just to maintain and value an historic bridge but to create an attractive route for green transport and leisure.

With the increase in housing density that we have already seen and the even greater density proposed on the Glebe Island /White Bay Peninsula, the Fish Market site and Pyrmont, the bridge could become part of an invaluable walking and cycling route.

We are greatly concerned that for every day that the government delays restoration, the bridge falls into greater disrepair and the cost of restoration increases. Last year barriers were placed in the water after more of the Bridge fell into the water. We are concerned with the proposal for the new concrete batching plant at White Bay and the huge number of truck movements that will pass along the road in front of the Bridge that will make it less attractive and restoration into a pedestrian/cycleway less likely.

We hope the new Glebe Island Bridge website will help continue the momentum for its restoration. We also encourage people to contribute to the website. Comments and any pieces about how you think saving the Bridge is import are encouraged. The website can be accessed at https://www.glebeislandbridge.com/.

Articles or comments can be sent to: contact@glebeislandbridge.org.au.