The side of Glebe Point Pharmacy at 373 Glebe Point Rd today. Ryan is looking for a photo of the sign when it used to say ‘$6.95′ ’24 Exp’, probably before May 2008. Do you have such a photo?? (Photo: Ryan Donnelly)

by Ryan Donnelly, October 2021, from Bulletin 8/2021

I’m putting together a book on hand-painted signs in Sydney, featuring signs that can still be viewed currently.

I’ve been making a point of showing each wall in its current state and also including photos of what it looked like previously, and including the year of photo – which helps the viewer understand some of these have been in existence for 20-30 years.

The wall in question features on the side of the Glebe Point Pharmacy (cnr of 373 Glebe Point Rd and Forsyth St); although it is a way up towards Glebe Point and away from the main shops, I view it as a point of interest in Glebe with its eye-catching colour palette.

I am aware that the wall used to say ‘$6.95′, ’24 Exp’, but I cannot find any photos of it.

My research has led me to believe the wall was partly painted over in May 2008 as the information was no longer relevant, so I am looking for photos before that date (from a couple of months before to years and years before – whatever you potentially have).

If you have a photo, please contact me at, or on my mobile 0431 410 355.