Very Appealing
With the support of our generous members and the wonderful staff at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse we were able to deliver approximately 250 gifts to more than 125 people in Glebe last year. They were delivered just prior to Christmas to the local supported accommodations of Elsie Women’s Refuge, Rainbow Lodge, Kathleen York House, Detour House, and the PCYC program directors of ‘Girls who Box’ and ‘Friend in Hand’ which support local adolescents and tweenies who live in Glebe. Gifts included books, toys, educational games, clothing, personal care items, confectionary and some special treats as well. In addition to this we were also able to deliver two large boxes of new children’s books to Glebe Public School, and considerable quantities of foodstuffs to the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown, following a large cash donation.

Janice Challinor (second from left) at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse with Gail O’Brien, Prof. Chris Milross  and volunteers (image supplied)

Thank you to all who made this seasonal appeal a great success. I would particularly like to recognise Bobbie Burke, Carole Herriman, Diane Hutchinson, Margaret Cody, Susie Cleary, Graham Hazlitt, Jude Paul, Jane Gatwood, Jeanette Knox, Benedicte Zursthassen, John Barrer, Anne Szandro, Helen and David, Katharine Vernon, Phil Young and those good folk who wished to remain anonymous. Your generosity allows the Glebe Society and Lifehouse to really support and care for families in our local area. Thank you, too, to Jane Fissenden for your help in collecting, sorting and delivering these seasonal gifts.

SSewing for Good
This regular ‘craft and catch-up’ morning has recommenced in the Aboriginal Cultural Space at the Glebe Town Hall, where we meet from 10am to 1pm every second and fourth Friday of the month. If you have a crafty project of your own on the go, bring it along and join the fun. If not, simply help us make re-usable tote bags from rescued materials languishing in attics and linen presses all over town.

If you have some material crying out for a purpose why not drop it in? We’ll give it a new life and invite you to join us for a cuppa and cake too. To date we’ve given over 80 bags to the Asylum Seekers Centre at Newtown. They are used by their clients to collect food from the Food Bank. We next meet on Friday, 8 March. It’d be lovely to have you join us.

Kitchen Starter Pack (KSP) Project
If you have items to contribute for the KSP please bring them to our new collection point, the Glebe Town Hall, between 10am and 1pm every second and fourth Friday of the month. Or contact for a pick up.