The City of Sydney Planning Committee has approved a development application for a cafe at Bellevue, the 19th century cottage on Glebe Point.

A previous application had been refused in 2008 following objections from a number of nearby residents on grounds of traffic, parking and noise. The current proposal is for a cafe with seating capacity for 60 people (30 indoor, 30 outdoor).

On 3 May the Planning Committee meeting, which was attended by several Glebe Society members (Jo Bastian, Graham Budd, Carole Herriman, Sue Ingram and Jan Macindoe), agreed to approve a café at Bellevue operating form 6:30-6pm in winter and 6:30-8 pm in summer. The Society members made a strong case that waterfront walkers would not be served by the café closing at 5pm (as proposed in the recommendation to the committee), and as a business it would be less viable. 

The elegant 19th century cottage which stood derelict on Glebe Point for many year was restored at considerable expense by Sydney City Council .It is important that this State Heritage building be occupied and put to good use successfully for the long term.