Community interest continues in the 40th Anniversary of the Glebe Lands (Appropriation) Act (1974) and the Park (corner of Catherine St and Mt Vernon St) which commemorates the salvation of the Glebe Estate. The park was recently mown by a generous but unidentified member of the public, just in time for the anniversary day on 6 August. Other community members ‘yarn bombed’ the trees in the park several days prior to that date to raise awareness. Unfortunately an unknown person saw fit to remove this colourful reminder the day prior to the anniversary; although a trace of yarn bombing remains.

Despite this curmudgeonly act community impetus to celebrate has continued. On Friday 10 October (International Tenants Day), we citizens of a wonderfully diverse and valued suburb have the opportunity to meet and mingle with our neighbours in celebrating a significant event for Glebe. It will be at the 40th Anniversary celebration morning tea at the Tom Uren Park, to be held between 10 and 11.30 am that day. The park is located on the corner of Catherine St and Mount Vernon St, Glebe. The winners of the Glebe Community Photography competition will be announced and refreshments will be served. This celebration is open to all comers.

So make haste into the streets of Glebe to capture your favourite image of life in Glebe, and email it together with an entry form to40yearsglebe@gmail.comby 3 October. Entry forms are available at Glebe Library, the Old Fire Station and the Glebe Town Hall. They are also available at the Glebe Community Development Project’s Facebook page. Happy snapping!

So if you would like to show your support for the work of Tom Uren in his successful 1974 efforts to save the Glebe Estate for public housing, and to join community members in reflecting on its significance to our present day environment, please join us for a cuppa on the 10th!