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Yearly Archives: 2024

Recent transport and traffic issues in Glebe–Forest Lodge

Posted on 1st July 2024

Knock-on effects of Rozelle Interchange problems in Glebe–Forest Lodge; transparency concerns about building the Bridge Road Permanent Cycleway; and it never rains but it pours when it comes to local bus arrival times!

‘In Focus’ photo competition, July 2024

Posted on 1st July 2024

This month, four diverse photos were submitted. Mary Regan’s ‘Winter Sunrise Blackwattle Bay’ captures the bay’s tranquil beauty at dawn; Dale Dengate’s ‘A different angle on Blackwattle Bay’ is a jumble of structures of a modern working harbour; Caroline Lipovsky’s ‘Tree culling on a eucalyptus above Wigram Lane’ showcases an arborist at work amid colourful flora, while Lyn Collingwood’s ‘Montrose’ captures a blend of old and new architecture on a winter’s day.

A Community United: at the Old Fire Station

Posted on 1st July 2024

Cheryl brings us up to date with some of the opportunities for community interaction available at the Old Fire Station. Volunteers are being sought for Glebe Community Projects Group and the computer lab.

Glebe’s Hill: Bunyip Tails? What the cameras saw

Posted on 1st July 2024

Join us for the next instalment of the Innovation and Ideas grant project on the biodiversity of Glebe’s Hill – a ‘walkshop’ with Prof. Dieter Hochuli and Genevieve Heggarty titled: Exploring Glebe’s wild spaces – the fauna and flora of The Hill and Johnstons Creek.

Walk Report: The Glebe Estate — St Phillips and Bishopthorpe

Posted on 1st July 2024

Max Solling led Glebe Society Walks fifty years ago to raise awareness of the Glebe Estate’s significance. A successful campaign resulted in the protection of the Estate by the Whitlam government. Max led another fascinating Walk of the Glebe Estate in May this year.

This month’s mystery photo, July 2024

Posted on 1st July 2024

In this month’s mystery photo, you see only part of a building. Can you identify it?

Gone and Forgotten on Glebe Point Road, Part 2

Posted on 1st July 2024

Gone and forgotten are Gurth, Wamba and Mussett, three of the six dwellings replaced by the Anchorage at 451 Glebe Point Road. Read about some of the families that occupied these beautiful waterfront homes.

‘Set in Stone’ – music for piano four hands

Posted on 1st July 2024

This is a special Glebe Music Festival concert by Michael Tsalka and Diana Weston performing music for piano four hands on harpsichords and piano.

More green time, less screen time – better health outcomes

Posted on 1st July 2024

The Society’s 8th biodiversity lecture in May was an informative and entertaining lecture entitled Regenerative Cities and Flourishing Communities: why more trees might mean less loneliness and better health by Professor Thomas Astell-Burt. He shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for the importance of nature and well-designed green space for improving the health of the world’s city-dwellers.

Max Solling’s 2024 Anzac Day address, Part 2

Posted on 1st July 2024

In this second extract from his 2024 Anzac Day address, Max Solling looks behind the public commemoration of WWI dead to the private grief of the many Glebe women who lost sons, brothers and husbands. As the bodies of WWI war dead were rarely repatriated, Glebe’s War Memorial in Foley Park became the focal point for remembrance and processing grief.

War and no peace – the never-ending saga of the Bridge Road cycleway

Posted on 1st July 2024

The new cycleway design does not improve safety;, eg. footpaths will be accessible to cyclists via ‘pram ramps’ to avoid cycleway sections with merged cycle and general traffic lanes. Eight months of night-time construction will generate noise levels exceeding industry standards. Recommended Industry-standard noise mitigation measures will not be used due to cost or effect on construction time.

The Glebe Society Guided Walks Program

Glebe Society Guided Walks 2024

Posted on 28th February 2024

Details about the Guided Walks for 2024. A great way to see and learn about Glebe. The year 1974 was a big one for Glebe: the Whitlam government bought the Glebe Estate, protecting it from demolition, and local activists established Australia’s first women’s refuge, Elsie. Each of these events is recognised in upcoming Guided Walks.

News from the Blue Wrens: June 2024

Posted on 29th May 2024

Work continues on the Innovations and Ideas Grant and there is noticeable activity of small birds around ‘The Hill’. Bushcare volunteers attended a planting day held by the Orphan School Creek Bushcare Group (led by Judy Christie) and more activities are planned. Anna Szanto, leader of the Glebe Palmerston and Surrounds Landcare Group, reports on the state of the Palmerston Street area and Nick Sangster notes that in Harold Park the Casuarinas on the eastern side of Johnstons Creek have still not been removed.

Indigenous Australians and the First World War

Posted on 29th May 2024

This article is the first of three drawn from Max Solling’s moving address at the 2024 Anzac Day ceremony at the Glebe War Memorial. Between 1,000 and 1,500 Indigenous Australians served in the AIF where they were accepted without prejudice, but on their return to civilian life were denied full citizenship rights. Their experience is personalised by tracing the service of some of them.

This month’s mystery photo: June 2024

Posted on 29th May 2024

Glebe and Forest Lodge sleuths wait with bated breath for the next identification challenge and the revealing of the answer to last month’s mystery. Lyn Collingwood poses the challenge and provides a bit of history for last month’s photo..

In Focus: this month’s photo competition, June 2024

Posted on 29th May 2024

There were four strong entries for this month’s competition. The winner, by Virginia Simpson-Young, is a striking photo of Glebe chimney pots and roof lines.

Letter to the Editor: June 2024

Posted on 29th May 2024

We welcome letters as a means of addressing current issues of relevance to Glebe and Forest Lodge. This month, a letter calls for support for our wonderful local businesses, especially the small businesses along Glebe Point Road and elsewhere. The architectural heritage of Glebe is critical, but the overall character of Glebe is in its diversity and the ‘vibe’ provided by small business.

Beckett’s Restaurant – Advertisement

Beckett’s Restaurant – Advertisement

Posted on 29th May 2024

Wendy Beckett with her stage manager Haly Pratt has restored and returned the Darling Mills restaurant to its former glory of sandstone and etched glass and changed its name. On 10 July, Beckett’s will host Jonathan Biggins, known for his annual political satire ‘The Wharf Revue’. He will be doing his Paul Keating performance piece. It is worth watching for other events at the restaurant.

Glebe in the news for all the wrong reasons!

Posted on 29th May 2024

Duncan Leys reports that Glebe was in the news for all the wrong reasons last month. There have been reports of incidents allegedly involving young people which have been addressed in meetings with the police and Council, reported in the next article. A meeting with Kobi Shetty canvassed issues around transport, the new fish market, the Glebe Island Bridge and housing issues. More positively, Duncan noted the continuing removal of asbestos and expressed his enthusiasm for the Glebe Society Guided Walks program.

Supporting a fellow community group: Pyrmont History Group

Posted on 1st May 2024

Following the seminal work ‘Women of Pyrmont’, first published in 2017, ‘Men of Pyrmont’ was finally produced in 2024. The new book has been glowingly described as ‘surprising, entertaining, a joy!’. It is a collection of 42 most diverse reflections on life in Pyrmont. The Pyrmont History Group is offering the two books for sale.

45 Darghan Street, Glebe

Recent planning submission by the Society

Posted on 1st May 2024

Whenever necessary, the Planning Convenor makes submissions to Sydney City Council on behalf of the Glebe Society about proposed developments in Glebe and Forest Lodge. This is the latest submission.

In Focus: This month’s photo competition, May 2024

Posted on 1st May 2024

There were exciting entries this month, and we were very taken by our winner’s photograph. The competition is being noticed once more, but we want to encourage more entries from Society members.

Anzac Day 2024, Glebe War Memorial

Anzac Day Service 2024

Posted on 27th April 2024

Upwards of 150 people attended the Anzac Day service at the Glebe War Memorial on Anzac Day morning. Here is a report of the proceedings and some images of the attendees.

Max Solling’s 2024 Anzac Day address

Posted on 26th April 2024

Glebe historian, Max Solling’s 2024 Anzac Day address touching on war memorials, Indigenous Australians in the First Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and the women of Glebe.

From the President: May 2024

Posted on 1st May 2024

The Glebe Society is dealing with a number of substantive issues involving the State Government which were discussed with local MP Kobi Shetty before the last meeting of the Society’s Management Committee. These include WestConnex, the upheavals due to asbestos contamination, zoning laws, housing shortages and the new Sydney Fish Market. The Society is interested in the Bidura redevelopment and restoration of the Glebe Island Bridge. Duncan also wants to encourage attendance at our popular guided walks.

This month’s mystery photo: May 2024

Posted on 1st May 2024

This month’s photo has something of a development flavour. Last month featured a home in Ferry Road. This home and others in the street have an interesting history which has inspired coverage of the street’s background.

A wonderful Walk completed: Radical Glebe

Posted on 1st May 2024

A repeat of the ‘Radical Glebe’ walk was held on the 14th of April. Glebe and the walk’s guides are distinguished by the breadth of their political and social activism and the longevity of their involvement spanning many decades. The walk highlighted how much of this activism originated in Glebe.

Archives for the Future

Posted on 1st May 2024

The Heritage Subcommittee intends to collect photographs now that may become of historical and heritage interest in the future. They are calling on members with photos of Glebe and Forest Lodge who are willing to give them to the Society. They will be added to the photograph archives of the Society.

Gleebooks has moved back to its original premises, now renovated

Posted on 1st May 2024

Gleebooks took possession of the fine freestanding building at 49 Glebe Point Road in 1989, drawing a line under the chequered history of one of Glebe’s largest commercial buildings. The Glebe Society was a staunch and active supporter of the bookshop, aiding negotiations with Council. The re-opening is a significant occasion.

News from Blue Wren Subcommittee: May 2024

Posted on 1st May 2024

The Society’s 8th Annual Biodiversity Lecture will be given by Thomas Astell-Burt. Blue Wren members met with Charlotte Fletcher who is City of Sydney’s new Urban Ecology Coordinator who oversees natural resources. She is also the Grant Relationship Manager for the Society’s Innovation and Ideas Grant, which is funding the University of Sydney’s study of Glebe’s Hill. There are concerns about an invasion of casuarinas on the eastern side of Johnstons Creek.

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