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Posting – Advanced (deprecated)

Category Sticky

The “Category Sticky” box to the right of the Post text area is used to indicate that this particular post is the introduction/overview for a particular topic.

The Category Sticky post for a topic remains as the first post on the category page. Other post are listed in chronological order (latest first) below it.

There can only be one Category Sticky post for any topic.

If you nominate a post as the Category Sticky do not tick “Hide Sticky Post border”. This places a line below the Sticky introductory post separating it from the other chronological posts.


Post & Page Order

The order in which Posts and Pages appear within category lists can be changed on the All Posts, All Pages and similar screens using drag and drop.

You can also change the order by changing the date in the Publish box at the top right of the Post or Page screen. Click on the Edit link next to “Publish immediately” or “Publish on …” .


Author – Posts & Pages

The Author dropdown below the Post or Page text area is intended to be the author of the post – not the person uploading up it. It displays as “posted for … ”.

Author can also be changed from the Quick Edit facility by mousing over the Post title in the All Pasts list.


Author & Contact Person – Events

The Author of an Event is always the person who created the Event item. This cannot be changed.

The Contact Person for an Event is set using the dropdown list to the right of the Event details on any of the Event Tab screens (Event, Location, RSVP, Mail Formats or Attributes).

By default, the Contact Person will be the Author. If no particular individual is the Contact Person for the Event, select Event Co-ordinator or Thirsty Thursday, as appropriate.

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