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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Blue Wren Subcommittee Annual Report 2019-2020

Posted on 17th October 2020

The Subcommittee has 13 members and met in person on four occasions during the year. The volunteers of our bushcare/landcare groups in Glebe continued to work to value, retain and enhance biodiversity in Glebe and Forest Lodge, and its bays and foreshores, for current and future generations. Not surprisingly COVID-19 impacted on our activities in the second half of the year. We did not hold our regular meetings, our autumn party (to which all our bushcare volunteers are invited) and the award of the Craney Biodiversity Grants to our local preschools and schools were cancelled, and the annual biodiversity lecture was postponed. Further, no planting days were organised by our buschcare volunteers from mid-March until July, when they recommenced in Orphan School Creek Park under the COVID-safe rules set-up by the City.

Communications Subcommittee Annual Report 2019-2020

Posted on 16th October 2020

During the past year, we continued to coordinate and oversee the Society’s various media – the Bulletin, websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube, Update Emails to members and Eventbrite. We have also sought to assist the Society’s management committee and subcommittees with their communications.

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