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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Glebe Voices – Ethical choice of food and the environment

Posted on 2nd April 2014

Åsa Wahlquist, local resident and a Walkley award winning journalist, led a Glebe Voices discussion around the dilemmas of balancing individual ethical choices of food with concern for the environment.

Proposal to develop Wentworth Park

Proposal to develop Wentworth Park

Posted on 13th April 2014

Since the SMH published its story about an unsolicited proposal to develop Wentworth Park I have had many emails from members . Today I gave the following to a Fairfax journalist. As a community we insist upon a strategic approach to large developments of public space. The Bays Precinct Task Force considered community recommendations that […]

National Trust Media Statement – Millers Point

National Trust Media Statement – Millers Point

Posted on 1st April 2014

Today the National Trust released a statement seeking a halt to the government’s call to “register your interest in purchasing a Millers Point Property”.    The full media statement can be found by clicking here.

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