Policy for advertising in Glebe Society publications

  • This policy replaces the Advertising Policy adopted by the Management Committee on 11 March 2009.
  • This policy covers all Glebe Society publications (including printed and electronic versions of the Bulletin, the Glebe Society website and social media).
  • This policy should be read in conjunction with the Society’s Bulletin editorial policy and website editorial policy.
  • ‘Editors’ in this document refers to the Editor of the Bulletin and the Website Content Coordinator.
  • Any person or organisation (member and non-member) is permitted to request to advertise in the Society’s publications.
  • All advertisement must be consistent with the aims and objectives of the Society and, in the opinion of the editor, be of particular interest or benefit to the readership of Glebe Society publications.
  • Members of the Glebe Society will receive a cost advantage over non-members in advertising or preferential treatment in the event that there is competition for advertising space.
  • Rates will be determined according to the Glebe Society membership status of the advertiser (whether member or non-member) and whether the product or service is of a commercial nature (ie. whether the advertiser seeks to receive money or other reward as a result of the advertisement). Advertising rates will be published in the Bulletin and on the website.
  • All paid advertisements must be labelled ‘Advertisement’. Items of a promotional nature that are included free of charge do not need to be labelled, although they can be labelled that way at the editor’s discretion.
  • Advertising on the website should be placed in such a way that it does not excessively distract website users by means of its location, size or format.
  • Advertisements on the website will be run for an agreed period of time and then be removed.


  • Editors have discretion over:
    • Ensuring equitable access to advertising.
    • Whether to include a particular advertisement.
    • Whether to run an unpaid item as news or as an advertisement.
    • Whether to run an advertisement over multiple bulletins.
    • The appearance, including size, of advertisements.
    • The actual rate charged to an advertiser (within an advertising rate framework adopted by the management committee).
  • If an editor is in any doubt about the suitability of a particular advertisement or the appropriate rate to be applied, they should consult the members of the Communications sub-committee in the first instance. The matter may then be referred to the President if required by the Communications sub-committee.
  • The Communications sub-committee will determine advertising rates from time to time in consultation with the Treasurer, and approved by the management committee.


  • Management Committee on 9 April 2014