The Glebe Society’s Constitution (TGS 1999:4) establishes the (management) committee to achieve TGS objects (TGS 1999:2). The committee delegates (TGS 1999:24) limited power to subcommittees, which operate within agreed Terms of Reference.


This policy sets out how subcommittees are formed and delegations assigned. By mandating an annual renewal and formal statements of what subcommittees do, we impose some discipline and some reflection on our subcommittee’s activities – which is where most of the Society’s work is done.

The committee may delegate subcommittees and designate convenors. In so doing the subcommittees’ Terms of Reference are recognised as the core business of the Society.


It is the responsibility of the President to ensure that:

  • Members are aware of this policy;
  • Any breaches of this policy are brought to the attention of the Management Committee and dealt with appropriately.

It is the responsibility of convenors to ensure that their subcommittees act within their Terms of Reference and that these terms are publicised to all members.


All sub committees should be constituted on an annual basis at the first meeting of the new Management Committee following the AGM. This does not prohibit the committee from (re)constituting sub-committees throughout the year should the need emerge.

Each subcommittee will recommend Terms of Reference which fit within the strategy of TGSI. Once approved by the Management Committee, written delegations will be issued. These delegations are limited by the Terms of Reference and the Constitution. Nevertheless, the Management Committee retains power despite delegation.

The Management Committee will annually appoint a convenor for each subcommittee, typically upon the subcommittee’s recommendation. The convenor will inform the Management Committee of subcommittee membership. Each convenor will ensure that Terms of Reference are displayed on the website.


  • Management Committee on 9 April 2014