Minister for Planning, Kristina Keneally has announced the start of Barangaroo Delivery Authority.  This panel will be responsible for managing the $2.5 billion redevelopment at Barangaroo, near Darling Harbour.
As part of the Barangaroo delivery process, Ms Keneally also announced the permanent removal of the Wharf 8 Cruise Passenger Terminal from Darling Harbour.  The Cruise Passenger Terminal will be temporarily located at White Bay Wharves 4 and 5 whilst work is undertaken on Barangaroo.

Consideration of whether the terminal will remain at White Bay will be undertaken as part of the master planning of the area, following consultation with the community.  Minister Keneally has confirmed that the Cruise Terminal will be relocated to White Bay for a minimum of five years.  
At its peak, White Bay received around 231 vessel visits a year.  In contrast, 68 cruise ships are scheduled to visit the Darling Harbour Passenger Terminal in the next 12 months. Domestic cruise ships generally arrive around 7.00am and depart at 5.30pm.