Subcommittees may spend and raise money only with the express approval of the Management Committee.

When planning a project which may involve expenditure of Glebe Society funds the subcommittee should estimate the approximate amount involved as early as possible and seek Management Committee approval in principle.


It is the responsibility of the President to ensure that:

  • members are aware of this policy;
  • Any breaches of this policy coming to the attention of the Management Committee are dealt with appropriately.

It is the responsibility of convenors to ensure that subcommittees report all proposed receipts and expenditure.


At the same management committee meeting that the roster of events is considered (typically February) convenors must submit their subcommittee’s annual forecast of receipts and expenditure. Thereafter detailed requests for authorisation must occur at the management committee in the month prior to proposed receipts or expenditure.


  • Management Committee on 13 August 2014