National NAIDOC Week 2020 celebrations will be held from the 8-15 November. The postponement from July was aimed at protecting elders and those in our communities with chronic health issues from the disastrous impacts of COVID19. The 2020 NAIDOC theme is Always Was Always Will Be.

This year, the NAIDOC Week poster features the artwork Shape of Land by Perth-based artist and designer, Tyrown Waigana. According to the artist, ‘The Rainbow Serpent is represented by the snake and it forms the shape of Australia, which symbolises how it created our lands. The colour from the Rainbow Serpent is reflected on to the figure to display our connection to the Rainbow Serpent, thus our connection to country. The overlapping colours on the outside is the Dreamtime. The figure inside the shape of Australia is a representation of Indigenous Australians showing that this country – since the dawn of time – always was, and always will be Aboriginal land’.

Naidoc 2020
(source: NAIDOC Week website)