The team at Glebe Youth Service (GYS) continue to provide a high level of a support, averaging around 120 boxes of fruit and vegetables per week to around 125 households each week. The food relief program fulfils the dual aims of ensuring food security and providing social connection. When GYS staff and volunteers deliver food, they have the opportunity for a physically distanced interaction with community members. This allows for GYS to check in with families and young people and follow up if further needs are identified.

GYS is now coordinating a local food security meeting each fortnight. This meeting is attended by the key agencies working in the food relief space.

Visitors see the Glebe Youth Service in action

Glebe Youth Service with volunteers organising food relief.
From left to right: Michael Sales, Eloise Woods, Molly Hodson, Craig Foster (Photo: Phillip Vergison)

In mid-May the GYS team had two special visitors to see the service in action. Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain, dropped by to see the great work being done. A week later, Craig Foster visited Glebe Youth Service and helped pack food boxes at the centre on Glebe Point Rd. As many will be aware, Craig was an Australian soccer player and sports analyst with SBS. He has long been an advocate for footballers and has been human rights and refugee ambassador for Amnesty International. Locally, he provides support to a number of food relief programs and GYS was delighted he was able to make the time for a visit.

Eloise Woods, a youth and family worker at GYS who co-ordinates the food relief program, was with Craig on his visit. Below are a few of her thoughts on the food run with Craig:

The Food Relief Program is playing a really important role in the Glebe community. It addresses food affordability and facilitates access to healthy food, but importantly enables us to stay connected to local families. It was great to have Craig Foster join our dedicated team of Food Relief volunteers for the day. Craig’s enthusiasm and passion for social justice was inspiring and he really understands the importance of getting more support for our work.

Judy Vergison