The Glebe Society is again joining with the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse cancer treatment centre in our annual appeal for gifts for the children of parents who are in supported accommodation in Glebe, and the supported adults themselves.

The types of gifts which are preferred for the children are a mixture of age-appropriate toys, books, games, school stationery and items of clothing. The preferred items for adults are small personal care items such as toiletries, books, small generic clothing items such as socks, scarves, and caps, and some Christmas fare items such as sweets, chocolates, Christmas cakes and bon-bons for their Christmas celebrations.

The items should not be gift wrapped as they must be checked for safety and appropriateness at the facilities before distribution, and there should be no personal information included.

Members are encouraged to bring items to the Glebe Society Christmas event on 11th December or to contact Janice Challinor by email requesting a household collection prior to that date. Give Janice your phone number so she can contact the Lifehouse administration to organise the collection.