Around 23 Glebe Society members came to Benledi House on the evening of Tuesday 29 May for the Society’s event, ‘Get more out of your smartphone 102’.

The aim was to help members learn some tips and tricks to get more out of their smartphones – as the name of the event suggests. We presented on both the iPhone and Android phones, which were more or less equally represented among attendees.

From our perspective, it seems participants were very engaged and asked us plenty of questions. Afterwards, the feedback was pretty positive and most seemed to find the session helpful. Many people went away saying they believed they would be able to do much more with their phone as a result of the evening.

As usual for a Glebe Society event, there was plenty of great food and wine; and for this we must thank, mainly, Jude Paul and Diane Hutchinson. Thanks also to Jane Gatwell and Fiona Campbell for their door work and Bill Simpson-Young for assisting with the tech.

Attendees at Smartphone 102 (Image: Phil Young)