A significant way the Glebe Society promotes the objects of its Constitution (TGSI 1999:2) is by organising a variety of events and activities throughout the year. A number are free and open to the wider community. However most are fee paying functions that raise funds to ensure the financial viability of the Society.

Before any event or activity, approval must be sought from the Management Committee.


  • It is the responsibility of the President to ensure that:
  • Members are aware of this policy;
  • Any breaches of this policy coming to the attention of the Management Committee are dealt with appropriately.


A number of events recur each year and these, along with known proposed events should be included in a broad calendar of events submitted to the Management Committee each February.

On a quarterly basis, events or activities occurring in the upcoming quarter are to be submitted to the Management Committee for agreement no later than the month preceding the quarter.

The initial proposal should indicate the type of function: (e.g. Social; party, talk, exhibition, walks; Campaign, community planning forum; Community, planting day, candidates’ forums,) location, if known; a forecast of returns, or whether supplementation is required, and anticipated numbers.

It is essential that prior discussion with the Events Coordinator has taken place to ensure there are no clashes.

Once agreement in principle has been obtained, a more detailed proposal for each event must be submitted to the Management Committee for final approval as early as possible. This must contain the following:

  • The event name, date and time and location of event;
  • The name of the person/subcommittee responsible for organising the event; and
  • A detailed plan of revenue, expenses, planning, timing, membership involvement, target audience etc.

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure any flyers and/or details are provided to the Bulletin Editor and Web Manager as soon as practicable.

All online booking for Glebe Society events (including free events) will be done via eventbrite.com and it is the responsibility of the Communications Group to include booking details via the website as soon as practicable.


  • Management Committee on 11 December 2013