The rally at Glebe Post Office on 20th January was an impressive event when more than 500 people attended to express their outrage at Australia Post’s decision to close all counter services at Glebe Post Office from 4th February. People gathered on the four corners of the Glebe Point Rd and St John’s Rd intersection, hoding up ballons and placards carrying protest messages. Members of the police force and POGA (Post Office Glebe Action) traffic wardens ensured that road crossings and access to the Post Office were kept clear. Goodwill prevailed withing the gathering, though much resentment and anger were expressed towards Australia Post.  All speakers showed strong support for the cause, with Tanya Pilbersek undertaking to table the 4,000+ signatories’ petition in Parliament.

Speakers at the rally included politicians from all levels of government, including Clover Moore, Mayor of the City of City, Verity Firth, our local state member, and Tanya Plibersek, our local federal member.  Other speakers included our own local historian Max Solling.

The POGA group is not resting on its laurels, however. Meetings are taking place – or are in the process of being organised – with key bureaucrats at the Commonwealth level in order to explore ways in which our Post Office may be kept going.  POGA members are working hard because of the urgency of the matter. As things stand at the moment, the Glebe Post Office is due to close on 4 February 2011.  Every effort is made to gain at least a stay of execution – but so far, Australia Post’s position remains unchanged.