Australia Post has confirmed that it will not bow to community pressure to maintain a proper post office in Glebe by issuing the following news release on 1 February 2011. The campaign to retain Glebe Post Office (POGA) is considering what further actions are open to it.

New Community Postal Agency for Glebe

Australia Post today announced that it will continue to provide a range of postal products and services for Glebe residents from a local Community Postal Agency, less than 100 metres away from the site of the current Glebe Post Office.

From Monday 7 February customers will be able to purchase postage stamps, Express Post products, Parcel Post satchels and basic packaging products at the Lucky 7 Convenience Store, located at 179 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, with more services to be introduced.

Australia Post advised that it will upgrade the Lucky 7 Convenience Store to a full Community Postal Agency, meaning it will be able to process bill payments made in person by cheque, as well as function as a point for weighing, calculating postage and lodging mail.

.“We.’re pleased that we.’ve been able to work with this local retailer to achieve an outcome that meets the needs of the community, whilst also enabling us to operate in a more financially sustainable manner,.” said Executive General Manager, Retail Services, Christine Corbett.

Australia Post also advised that the 1,000 Post Office Boxes will remain in their current location. In addition, the existing red and gold street post boxes will remain.

.“With Glebe Post Office having sustained losses of $750,000 over the past three years, it was clear that continuing counter services via that site was not a financially viable option, but by moving services to a local store, we.’ve achieved an outcome that meets everyone.’s needs,.” she said.

.“To run individual post offices at a loss for lengthy periods jeopardises the sustainability of the whole network,.” said Ms Corbett.

Australia Post operates the largest retail network in the country with over 4,400 post offices nationally and more than 1,200 in NSW alone.

.“As an organisation that receives no tax payer funding, we have a responsibility to remain financially selfsustainable so that Australians in cities, towns and rural areas continue to have access to postal services,.” said Ms Corbett.

The local community is also served by four post offices within a 1.3km radius, they are; Sydney University Post Office; Broadway Post Office; Missendon Road Post Office, Camperdown and Pyrmont Post Office.