Some members will be aware the owner / developer of Yelvertoft, recently lodged another DA in relation to this property. Yelvertoft is a Locally Listed Heritage Item No 1637 and is located at 75 Hereford Street Forest Lodge.

View of Yelvertoft’s southern façade
View of Yelvertoft’s southern façade (original front façade) with contemporary verandah. (source: Heritage Impact Statement

The previous 2017 DA was refused by City of Sydney, and the developer subsequently appealed to the Land and Environment Court (LEC) and lost, principally on the grounds of Design Excellence. That DA was for the construction of 3 rear townhouses facing Alfred Road laneway, and was very obtrusive to say the least.

This new DA is for one 2 storey contemporary dwelling facing Alfred Road laneway. 

The original allotment was subdivided across the Hereford Street frontage in 1998 to facilitate the construction of three townhouses. A small laneway between the new townhouses provides a very limited view to the cottage at the rear. The proposed development would necessitate a further subdivision to the rear of the property facing Alfred Road, effectively land locking the cottage forever.

Local residents will appreciate that Alfred Road is a road in name only, that otherwise has all the characteristics of a rear laneway.

Notwithstanding that the developer has modified the proposed development in an attempt to appease the LEC requirements in relation to design excellence, the Society asserts that the Heritage Item must be the beneficiary of complete heritage protection, and that no further development should occur on the site.

View the Society’s full submission objecting to this latest DA.

Brian Fuller
Heritage Convenor