The Glebe Society has urged the Government to lessen the emphasis on the motor car and increase the emphasis on walking in its long-term planning for transport in New South Wales.

The Society makes this point in response to a discussion paper issued by Government as part of the process of developing its new Long-term Transport Master Plan (the paper can be read at

“ If we do not do this, we run a high risk of changing the nature of the suburb for the worse, particularly with respect to increased congestion and highly constrained other travel,” the Society’s submission says.

Some of the other points made in the submission include:

  • The society supports the extension of light rail to Circular Quay, and the Universities of Sydney and New South Wales.
  • Glebe bus services should be improved by increasing the number of late-night services and scrapping timetables in favour of a frequency of service system (often referred to as ‘turn up and ride’, the same system that applies to the Paris Metro).
  • Small buses should be introduced to connect Glebe to surrounding suburbs that are not served by existing trunk routes.
  • Up to date information about bus services should be available to customers on their mobile phones.
  • A regular ferry service should be introduced connecting the CBD and Rozelle Bay.

The full text of the Society’s submission can be read by clicking here.