One component of Glebe’s sesquicentenary celebration will be the burying of a time capsule near the fountain in Jubilee Place (gateway to Glebe Point Road). This event will occur on Sunday 2 August 2009.

Cr Clover Moore MP, Lord Mayor of Sydney, will carry out the ceremonial burial. Please make individual contributions for the Time Capsule. They can be emailed or posted, or written on the back of a blank cheque/ scrap of paper/ bus ticket or serviette. Letters to the future residents about life in Glebe in 2009, or anecdotes about people and Glebe events are also welcomed. These stories can be short or long. As an example, Ted and Alison McKeown have written a letter to their great grandchildren.

Think of things that are Glebe-centric:

  • stories/articles/photos with captions (any length)
  • memorabilia/badges/business cards etc…
  • expired passports/credit cards/key to a property (labelled with Glebe address) etc…

Please submit all items to Jan Wilson by 10th July 2009 – Jan Wilson On behalf Sesquicentenary Committee Time Capsule  H:  M: 0408 207 784 E: