Mirvac has submitted a proposal for the Tramsheds, which they acquired when they bought Harold Park. Some of the details of this proposal are mentioned in the report below, but if you wish to study the application in full you can find it at the One Stop Shop at Glebe Library or on the City website under development proposals on exhibition.

The Tramsheds (image by Wykymania via Wikimedia Commons)
The Tramsheds
(image by Wykymania via Wikimedia Commons)

Under the Masterplan, Mirvac was required to produce a proposal for the Tramsheds after their DA for the third residential precinct, and this is what they have done. The Tramsheds building is a Heritage Item, and Mirvac is required to repair and maintain the fabric as well as find new uses. The main repair is an entirely new roof that reproduces the original sawtooth.

Members may recall that the Lifetime Care and Support Authority (Bulletin 2/2011) proposed a Rehabilitation Centre to be included in the Tramsheds, and has apparently set aside $10 million for such a purpose. The Society has always supported this proposal, but Mirvac has not taken it up in this application. It has, however, set aside 500 m2 sq of the southern shed for community use, as required in the Voluntary Planning Agreement.

The remainder of the Mirvac proposal is a mixture of retail uses including a gym, about half for a supermarket and half for other retail. There is provision for 140 car spaces, half within the northern shed and half on the forecourt. Primary vehicular access is via a signalised intersection that will replace the roundabout at The Crescent and Nelson St. This is completely separate from the vehicular access to the residential component, which is at Minogue Cresc.

The Society will meet with Mirvac to discuss their DA in the next week or so. A report on the outcome of this meeting will be circulated to the membership by email, for comment before the date for final submissions (7 August).

The DA includes a chapter on heritage issues and another on interpretation. I will not rehearse those here, except to note that the historic tram is to be restored by the Tramways Museum, and will be located in a prominent position in the Tramsheds, probably the entrance, and probably incorporating cafe seating.

At its meeting with Mirvac the Society will raise at least the following issues:

  • Economic assessment does not include the new SupaBarn supermarket in Booth St, Annandale. Mirvac should reduce the size of the proposed supermarket and include instead the proposed Rehabilitation Centre.
  • We don’t need a vehicle connection between the Mirvac residential development and the Tramsheds. It is close enough for residents to walk or cycle, and if they want to drive they can use the same route as everyone else. The proposed connection inevitably cuts across pedestrian/cycle access and creates safety problems, and will encourage exit to Wigram Rd rather than returning to the Crescent.
  • There needs to be a strict limit on staff parking, and a policy of employing local staff or those who can access the site by public transport, on foot or by cycle.
  • Shopping trolleys should not be allowed in the lift to Maxwell Rd, ensuring that Maxwell Rd is for local pedestrian access only.
  • The community space needs to be fully accessible, usable and attractive.
  • Mirvac needs to discuss connections between the dedicated parkland and the Tramsheds, especially the ‘interactive zone’.
  • Operation should cease at 10 pm.