by Jan Macindoe, Convenor, Community Development Subcommittee, 25 February 2021 (from Bulletin 1 of 2021)

A Kitchen Starter Pack (photo: Diane Hutchinson)

Thanks to the thoughtful donations of Glebe Society members and their friends and families, Elsie Women’s Refuge and Rainbow Lodge have been provided with kitchen packs like the one shown here. This pack is for a family from Elsie, and the packs provided to the single men from Rainbow Lodge are a little smaller but equal in quality. The packs are given to those leaving for independent accommodation in the community. Unfortunately, a shortage of such accommodation means that boarding arrangements are sometimes necessary, and in those cases, there is no requirement for kitchen equipment. However, it is expected that demand will increase this year, and we have an on-going need for more crockery, cutlery and kitchen equipment as shown in the photo.

So if your cupboards need cleaning out, we will always welcome used items in good condition. And do mention this project to friends and family who may find surplus kitchen equipment and dining ware. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. 

Many thanks to those who have donated previously. Feel free to contact me, Jan, any time, and I can arrange for a pick-up. My phone number is 0424 537 557.