The Glebe Society held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday 28th August 2011 at Benledi.  The meeting was well attended with some 65 members.  The two outgoing Presidents for the past 12 months each gave their President’s Report, Lesley Lynch who covered the period from August 2010 till the end of December 2010, and Liz Simpson-Booker who covered the period from January 2011 till the AGM.  They are now available for reading online by clicking the hyperlinks.

The Guest Speaker at this year’s AGM was Dr. Lisa Murray, the City Historian at the City of Sydney Council.  Lisa’s presentation was titled: “Local History: making connections in the digital age”.  She described the many values of presenting local history information on websites – the information can be regularly updated unlike printed books, multiple people can contribute to the information, the information can be cross-referenced to other information, and new technologies can be introduced such as multiple overlaying maps, audio recordings and more.  Examples of such projects are Wikipedia and the Dictionary of Sydney.  An audio recording of Lisa’s presentation is now available on our YouTube channel at, as well as the text of her talk.