Sydney Superyacht Marina

A Major Project Assessment was opened for exhibition on 02 February and will close on 04 March 2011. Essentially, it is for the redevelopment of the land-based component of the Sydney Superyacht Marina. The redevelopment consists primarily of two two-storey buildings and a four-storey car park. The purpose is to provide maritime facilities as well as mixed-use facilities. It is a $31 million project.

The proposed development can be viewed in hardcopy at Glebe Library or at Leichhardt Council, or online at the NSW planning website at:

The detailed project description, online, is contained in the folder titled “Environmental Assessment”.

A preliminary meeting of Bays and Foreshores Sub-committee, chaired by Bob Armstrong (acting for Tony Larkum), has been held to commence Glebe Society action on this issue. Following this, several Glebe Society members met with the principal officers of the Sydney Superyacht Marina. A number of issues were clarified in the ensuing discussion.

Following a preliminary examination of the documentation, and the discussion, the biggest issue seems to be Noise Control.

The main points of concern appear at this stage to be:

  1. Noise. The noise modelling performed for the assessment shows an expected breaching of the standard allowances for parts of Glebe. Glebe has the closest residences to be noise affected. The noise can be constrained, e.g. by live bands not performing outdoors at night. This issue will need to be examined carefully and suggestions made for operational constraints to be imposed by the Government. The bottom line on noise control is that there should be NO OUTSIDE MUSIC AFTER 7pm.
  2. The multi-use nature of the proposed project. This issue interacts with the noise problem. It is the potentially large number and range of non-maritime activities that might occur that could lead to the noise problems. The maritime activities, ship chandleries and brokerages for example, seem to be very appropriate. While the current directors assured us that they do not expect to embark on a large number of other activities, it would seem prudent to have this built into a control.

The overall appearance of the development is much more attractive than the much larger dry-boat store that is approved to sit behind and to the side of the Sydney Superyacht Marina. In reality, the planned buildings are likely to reduce the ugly impact of the yet to be built dry boat storage.

However, both ventures contribute to the uncertainties of outcome associated with the uncoordinated development of the Bays.

Traffic in the area is going to be a problem more due to the new Cruise Passenger Terminal than to the Superyacht Marina.

Next steps:
The community consultation process has been totally inadequate and poorly directed. There are on-going discussions with the officials regarding either a public meeting at Benledi or a display at the Marina with the operators of the Superyacht Marina agreeing to meet with groups of a dozen residents or so at a time.

>Tony Larkum, Convenor of the Bays and Foreshores Sub-committee, will coordinate and prepare a response from the Glebe Society. Glebe Society members are encouraged to also submit individual submissions.