The latest issue of the Glebe Society Bulletin contains several stories about Glebe’s fascinating history:

  • Our continuing series “Who Lived in Your Street” profiles Ellen Mary Neelywho lived in Catherine Street, Glebe.
  • An article by John Gray and Vanessa Witton continues The Glebe Estate series by concentrating upon on the heritage and community of the precinct.
  • A report on a fascinating public Conversation with Rob and Sandra Darroch, the Glebe Society’s first Vice President and first Secretary, about the formation of The Glebe Society.
  • An interview with Albert Mispel about the Anti-Expressway Campaign of 1970-1977  part of the Society’s Oral History Project.

And don’t miss Liz Simpson-Booker’s article about the connection between the American Romanesque grandeur of the Queen Victoria Building and the somewhat more humble, but nevertheless massive, Harold Park Tramsheds.