Ian Stephenson and Brian Fuller, Bulletin 5/2021, July 2021

One of many examples of Glebe’s social housing being left to decay

Convenors Ian Stephenson (Planning) and Brian Fuller (Heritage) were recently invited to join Deputy Lord Mayor Linda Scott at a meeting with the Hon. Melinda Pavey MP, Minister for Water, Property and Housing to discuss the State Government’s intentions in relation to the provision of affordable and social housing within Glebe.

Members will be aware that the Society has made strong objections to the spot rezoning in the St Phillips Heritage Conservation Area to facilitate the construction of high-rise residential towers.

The messages to the Minister were that Glebe is a unique place because of the survival of its urban and social fabric and that cities are enriched and vitalised by places like Glebe which is as important to Sydney as Spitalfields is to London and Back Bay is to Boston.

We raised concerns about the maintenance of the church estates and asked that the Land and Housing Corporation make no more rezoning applications to increase the height limits of LAHC sites in Glebe, that they respect Glebe’s heritage conservation areas and explore opportunities to add additional housing by low rise infill designed to reflect the scale and character of Glebe.

The meeting was cordial and we are hopeful of continued dialogue that will bring better outcomes.