Since 2015, members of the local community and the Glebe Society have been actively involved in fighting WestConnex construction issues that affect our community. It is always very difficult to have wins with State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) sites. The WestConnex plan has moved from its original plan of tunnelling under Glebe/Forest Lodge (University of Sydney and RPA Hospital) to our neighbouring suburbs.

The community has continued its activism by:

  • holding information meetings
  • letterboxing and emailing about current issues
  • attending anti-WestConnex rallies
  • meeting with and writing to politicians
  • reading and interpreting NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment’s (DPIE) lengthy Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) documents
  • writing submissions to the NSW Parliamentary Enquiry, Impact of the WestConnex Project
  • making submissions to the DPIE
  • attending WestConnex information sessions
  • writing letters to newspapers
  • organising campaign meetings
  • holding street stalls
  • working collaboratively with other community groups

Throughout this, we have had the support of the City of Sydney. As time passed, we have moved our focus from ‘STOP’ WestConnex to ameliorating some decisions that impact on our community. The last chance to have our ‘say’ was the release of the WestConnex M4-M5 Link’s: ‘MOD 2 – Crescent overpass and active transport links’ in August 2019.

We have achieved some positive changes. The original proposal required navigating four sets of traffic lights to get from Glebe to the Rozelle side of Johnston St; this has now been changed to one. Another positive change is to the bicycle/pedestrian path over City West Link; while still a shared path, it will be widened and lined with greenery. The community is still pressing for separated cycleways.

We can expect that the intersection of City West Link, The Crescent and Victoria Rd will remain a construction zone for several years. If you wish to keep up to date, refer to DPIE’s website:
M4-M5 Link Rozelle Interchange;
MOD 2 – The Crescent overpass and active transport links)

The only remaining land that is administered by the City of Sydney is Bicentennial Park. The City has no control over main roads and Transport for NSW (formerly the RMS) has the powers of acquisition for the use of local roads if required.

Three Glebe representatives have been attending the WestConnex Community Reference Group meetings for the past two years, and we will continue to do so in the interest of keeping up to date with the project and fighting for improvements where we can.

Thank you for your support and keep up to date via WestConnex information sheets and the DPIE website.

Jan Wilson
on behalf of the Glebe/Forest Lodge community

Digital image of the Rozelle interchange
Digital image of the Rozelle interchange (source: